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History of the School

The original National School was constructed in 1857
for 120 pupils. Almost two decades later, in 1875, a 
School Board of seven members was formed. 
The Board oversaw the districts of Osmotherley, 
Thimbleby and Ellerbeck. In 1878 the main school 
building and master’s residence (now Osmotherley
Pre-School!) were erected at a cost of £1,047.

Since then, the school building has undergone many 
changes, the most recent being the construction of the 
new classroom and the conversion of the former boiler 
room and storeroom into a staff room and school office in 2007 
followed by the conversion of the former disabled toilet 
into a new library and the creation of a headteacher’s office 
at the end of the school hall.

We would like to provide a detailed history of our school.
Are you a former pupil or parent? Do you have any old 
photographs or memories of the school you would like to 
share with us? We would be very grateful for your input.