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We aim to make Osmotherley Primary School as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce our 'plastic footprint'.  It is something that the staff and pupils at Osmotherley School feel very passionate about.  

The school is registered with 'Surfers against Sewers', an organisation that, among many other things, work with schools to help them become 'single-use plastic free'.  We no longer use a national milk scheme, choosing to use the local milk delivery I glass bottle instead.  This means we no longer receive the children's milk orders in individual cardboard cartons with plastic straws.

In addition, we have requested to the National fruit program delivery for our Infants that they come up with an alternative to delivering fruit in a plastic bag twice a week. We have tried to suggest that we could use a local greengrocer instead, but this is not something they are currently willing to allow us to do.  We have responded to a Government incentive to change all the light-bulbs within the building to LED lights.  This will reduce the amount of electricity we use in future.  We are also keen to look into the feasibility of installing solar panels on our fabulously situated south facing roof to generate our own sustainable energy!

We are encouraging the children at Osmotherley School to present their ideas and help with our 'Green Mission'.  We would also welcome any ideas from our families to help us on our journey.

 - Osmotherley Primary Eco Warriors!