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At Osmotherley Primary School, reading and writing knowledge and skills are the focus in KS1. Our English curriculum is planned to meet the
requirements of the Statutory Framework for EYFS 2021 and the Primary National Curriculum for English 2014 and aims to provide the
knowledge and skills that pupils need to take advantage of the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. A writing
curriculum progression ladder ensures that knowledge and skills are sequenced and develop incrementally. New knowledge builds on prior
learning. Deliberate practice is planned to ensure that opportunities to practise writing are identified in all curriculum subjects.
Teachers across the school have strong subject knowledge and are well trained in the most up to date teaching of early writing. They are
ambitious for all children to make rapid progress towards expected standards and achieve their potential.
It is our aim that all pupils are supported to develop foundational skills in writing before they leave KS1 so that they are prepared for the
demands of writing across the curriculum subjects in KS2. Social disadvantage and injustice is addressed ensuring that all pupils have their
entitlement to a cultural capital and become educated citizens.
At Osmotherley Primary School, we know that quality teaching of early reading and early writing is vital to ensure that children develop
competence, fluency and automaticity in transcription (handwriting and spelling) and in composition. We understand the importance of the
early development of speaking and listening skills and the vocabulary through quality adult interactions in early years and exposure to a wealth
of stories to encourage a love of books and reading, alongside the discrete teaching of writing skills. Our aim is to instil a love of reading in all
pupils as we know that writing well depends on reading widely. Teachers read a range of quality books to the children to ensure that they
experience different types of text and build a wide vocabulary to use in their own writing. All children have daily whole class reading, weekly
‘Reading Buddy’ sessions, monthly mobile library visits and author visits. Each classroom has an inviting reading area and a ‘Recommended
Read’ basket for each year group.
Teachers at Osmotherley Primary School are ambitious and determined in their approach to teaching writing. There is an expectation that all
children will be fluent in joined handwriting by the end of KS1. Any children who are experiencing difficulties in handwriting, spelling or
grammar are identified early and given extra help so that they can keep up with the learning of their peers.

Writing Curriculum