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Writing Curriculum Document 2020/21


At Osmotherley Primary School, we know that quality teaching of early reading is vital to ensure that children develop competence, fluency and automaticity when recognising familiar words and decoding unfamiliar words. We also know that providing regular opportunities to encourage speaking and listening and the development of vocabulary through reading and discrete teaching is essential for the development of writing.  As soon as children start in Reception at Osmotherley School, phonics is taught systematically and continues on a daily basis throughout Key Stage 1.  Children at the school learn to read and write following the systematic synthetic phonics programme, ‘Letters and Sounds’. 

Children learn the 42 sounds of the English language and then develop reading and writing skills by learning to blend the sounds together and to segment words into those sounds.  From Year 2 onwards, or as soon as phonics knowledge is embedded, the children learn to spell sequentially by following the Read, Write Inc spelling programme.   

Handwriting is taught following the Penpals programme and children are taught to join letters in Year 1.   

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are taught sequentially, building on prior knowledge with clear end points for each year group ensuring that all programmes of study for writing from the National Curriculum (2014).  The curriculum is engaging so that the children are motivated to write.  Deliberate practise is planned and every opportunity is taken to practise writing in other areas of the curriculum and recalls of knowledge at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 12 weeks help the children to transfer their knowledge into their long term memory so that they know more, remember more and be able to do more.