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At Osmotherley Primary School, pupils will develop a love and passion for Music by being given opportunities to listen to high quality Music, singing well known songs, composing, improvising and performing Music that they have created. They will have the opportunity to have class music lessons that will be taught through the Charanga Music Scheme.  There will also be opportunities to learn instruments individually through the County Music Scheme.  They will also be given opportunities to listen to and contribute to high quality music through Sowerby Music Centre workshops. Creativity and collaboration will be encouraged as they develop a sense of community through singing and performing together. Through Music they will discover different styles, cultures and an understanding of different people and places which are connected through the music they listen to.

There is a clear progression in the skills and knowledge taught throughout the school and deliberate practice allows children to improve fluency leading to mastery and an alteration to their long-term memory.

Click here to view the Music Curriculum 2021 - 2022