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Design Technology

Design and technology at Osmotherley will taught by delivering the statutory requirements for design and technology within the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 and 2.  Reception children will follow the Early Years Framework (Sept 2021).

Within the design and technology curriculum at Osmotherley School, pupils are encouraged to show a curiosity and fascination of the world around them.  Pupils research the impact that design and technology has had on the world around us and find out how particular designs have been significant in engineering history.  They will research, design and make their own models, learning a range of skills and processes as they do so.  They will learn to evaluate existing products and their own ideas and products, considering the views of others to improve their work.

There is an emphasis on the processes of designing and making a product.  A similar process will be followed every time the pupils complete a design and technology activity, so that the skills and procedures required to carry out a successful project are embedded.  Activities are taught through specific design criteria, but teaching will ensure coverage of the knowledge and skills required to secure successful outcomes in all areas. Pupils are introduced to a range of materials and taught how to use equipment safely.  Pre-learning tasks will be set at the beginning of each task and will be revisited at the end of the project, then re-visited at regular intervals to ensure the key knowledge is committed to the long-term memory.

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