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Pupil Work

A Selection Of Spring Poems ​By The Acorn Class


We love Spring
Beautiful blue tits singing to their babies in their nest.
Gorgeous blossom falling off the tree
The cool breeze blowing in our hair
Fragrant flower buds growing in the grass

We love Spring
Golden honey glistening in the jar
Yellow daffodils swaying in the wind
That’s why I love Spring

by Bella

In Spring

Beautiful birds chirp in the trees
Woolly lambs jumping in the sun
Cute chicks learning to walk
Sweet honey dripping of the hive

By Harry


Teeny buds stretching to the light
Titchy tiny birds hovering to grass
Swaying trees growing multi-coloured leaves
I love Spring!

By Angus



In Spring

Buzzy bees flying from
flower to flower
Excited children munching Easter eggs
Singing bird cheeping in the trees
Little buds growing on the bushes
Sneaky fox cubs hunting for food
Yellow daffodils swaying in the breeze
I love Spring!

​by George Ho

In Spring

I love Spring
Tiny, teeny chaffinches hovering across patchwork fields
Pink, delicate blossom floating gracefully onto the jade grass
Awe-inspiring buds expanding to the powerful bright sun
I love Spring!

​by George KH


Pink flowers dancing in the sun
Gold honey dripping off a spoon
Yellow daffodils swaying in the sun
Bees buzzing in the flowers
Beautiful cows running in the sun
Happy lambs bouncing in the wind
I love Spring!

By Mia




I love Spring
Pink blossom falls off the tree
Golden honey dripping off the spoon
Yellow daffodils sway in the sun
Orange birds singing in their nests
Blue butterflies fly in the sky

By Kesinee


Dancing flowers dance
Awesome bluetits fly
Tasty honey drips
Cute chicks hop
Jumping bunnies bounce
Tall crocuses grow
That’s why I like Spring!

​by Theo


Yellow flowers sway in the breeze
Blue birds sing in the trees
Fox cubs hunt for food
Woolly sheep run away
Stripy bees buzz in the flowers
Soft  bunnies jump in the fields
I love Spring!

by Lissy